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Turf Removal Rebate

drought tolerant house 01Remove Green. Receive Green.

Help California save water by removing your grass. Say goodbye to the hassle, maintenance, and expense of lawns.

Artificial turf is not eligible for the rebate.

Program terms and conditions are subject to change. View current terms and conditions.

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• Receive $5 per square foot for removing lawn using potable water.
• Receive $3 per square foot for removing lawn using recycled water.
Capped at max of 5,000 sq.ft.; 250 sq.ft. minimum



• Receive $5 per square foot for removing lawn using potable water.
• Receive $2 per square foot for removing lawn using recycled water.
Capped at max of 50,000 sq ft per fiscal year


Public Agency

• Receive $4 per square foot* for removing lawn using potable water.
• Receive $4 per square foot* for removing lawn using recycled water.
Capped at max of 200,000 sq.ft.per fiscal year

ExamplesView examples of areas that DO and DO NOT qualify for the Turf Removal Program (pdf)

Participation in rebate programs could be discoverable under the California Public Records Act.

University of California Turf Identification Website
Identify the type of turf you have on your property so you can properly remove its root structure

*For a limited time, public agency sites may be eligible to receive an enhanced funding of an additional $2 per square footContact IRWD for details.


Landscape Redesign

Not sure what to do after you remove your turf? Go to, or start with the resources below.

RightScape Resources
Detailed photos of RightScapes and plant lists along with landscape design advice

Tree of Life Nursery Resources
Replacing your lawn with native plants

Invasive garden plants and alternatives
Recommendations from

Turf Removal Testimonials

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