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April 24, 2024 2:36PM
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Seawatch Pressure Reducing Station Project

Irvine Ranch Water District will be constructing a recycled water pressure reducing station along the fire access road near Seawatch (about 100 feet southwest of the cul-de-sac). Some reconditioning work will also be performed at an existing pressure reducing station located about 640 feet northeast of the Coral Cay cul-de-sac.

The work will be done within the areas indicated in the map above.

The fire access road will be closed intermittently during construction hours to successfully integrate the new pressure reducing station into IRWD’s distribution system. Steel plates will be used to cover trenches and allow for pedestrian access along the road during   non-construction hours.

What: Construction of a recycled water pressure reducing station

When: October through December, 2022

Construction hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays

For more information, please refer to the construction schedule updates below, or contact the Communications Department at or 949-453-5300. After-hours questions should be directed to the Customer Service line at 949-453-5300.

Final touches to the project area expected to wrap up in February.

Week of Dec. 19: The new system is being tested and fine-tuned. Major construction is expected to be completed this week.

Week of Dec. 12: Paving work is scheduled to take place along the fire access road on Friday.

Week of Dec. 5: Work is wrapping up on the project, and pavement replacement is expected to take place in mid-December.

Week of Nov. 7: Weather permitting, work this week will be focused on preparing the construction site for the delivery and installation of a vault for the pressure reducing station. The vault is scheduled for delivery on Monday, Nov. 14.

Week of Oct 31: A project sign will be erected this week, and video will be taken to document conditions prior to the start of construction. There will be no work on Thursday or Friday. Next week's work will include preparation of the construction site, and delivery of the vault on Thursday, Nov. 10.

Week of Oct 10: Contractors will be marking underground utilities in preparation for the start of construction, and a project sign will be posted. Construction work is scheduled to begin Oct. 24. A flatbed rig will be delivering equipment to the construction site on Oct. 25, using Seawatch to access the construction area.

Week of Oct. 3: Contractors will be doing some site work on Oct. 7, including potholing to locate underground utilities. Project construction is expected to start the week of Oct. 17.