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April 24, 2024 2:09PM
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Irvine Business Complex Appurtenance Relocations

IBC construction map

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In preparation for an upcoming sidewalk improvement project to be conducted by the City of Irvine, Irvine Ranch Water District contractors began work Sept. 6 to relocate existing fire hydrants, backflow assemblies, pipeline, meter boxes and other appurtenances to make way for future sidewalks and retaining walls within the Irvine Business Complex. Construction will occur in various locations throughout the complex. (See construction areas marked in black in the map above.)

WHAT: Water distribution pipeline appurtenances relocation

WHEN: September 2022 through May 2023

WHERE: Beckman, Derian, Gillette, Hale, Kelvin, McGaw, Murphy, and Noyes avenues, and Cartwright Road.

WORK HOURS: From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays

INFO: For questions regarding the project, contact the Communications Department at or 949-453-5500.

A punch list of minor construction items is expected to be completed in February.

Week of Dec. 26: Work is continuing to adjust fire hydrants as needed. 

Week of Dec. 19: Most major construction associated with this project has been completed, except for the adjustment of some existing fire hydrants and miscellaneous work near some of the earlier construction areas (retaining walls, landscaping, etc.).

Week of Dec. 12: All temporary water service shutoffs required for this project have been completed, but crews are continuing work to intstall meters and connect other appurtenances, in addition to testing. Work this week will be focused primarily on Gillette, Armstrong, Noyes and Hale.

Week of Dec. 5: Construction will continue on Gillette/Armstrong, shifting to McGaw in the middle of the week. A temporary water shutdown on Saturday is planned for an isolated property, and occupants have been notified. Next week's work will continue on McGaw and Gillette. The project is expected to wrap up soon.

Week of Nov. 28:  Construction will continue on Gillette, along with pre-excavation work on McGaw. A temporary water shutdown on Saturday is planned for isolated properties, which have been notified.

Week of Nov. 21:  Landscape restoration will continue. No work is scheduled beyond Wednesday, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Week of Nov. 14:  Work will continue on Gillette, including landscape restoration and fire hydrant work. A temporary water shutdown on Saturday is planned for isolated properties, which have been notified.

Week of Nov. 7:  Plans to connect water pipeline to new appurtenances on Murphy were delayed due to rain, and will be rescheduled. Weather permitting, pre-excavation work this week is expected to take place on Gillette. No work will take place on Friday in observance of Veteran's Day. 

Week of Oct. 31:  Pre-excavation work will take place along Cartwright, and excavation work will be occurring on Hale. Paving work is scheduled to take place on Noyes.

Week of Oct. 24:  Pre-excavation work will take place along Murphy Avenue, with some saw-cutting on Cartwright Avenue. Paving work will be done on Noyes, Derian and Kelvin. On Saturday, the connection of new appurtenances to the water line will require a shutdown at select properties on Hale Avenue. All affected properties have been notified in advance of the shutoff. Next week's work will include pre-excavation work on Cartwright Street, paving work on Murphy, Kelvin and Derian, and Saturday work scheduled on Murphy Avenue.

Week of Oct. 17:  Work will be focused on Kelvin and Derrien, with a water shutoff scheduled to a few isolated businesses, which have been notified in advance. Next week's work will be focused on Hale Avenue, and affected properties have been notified.

Week of Oct. 10:  Work is scheduled along Hale and Kelvin Avenues. 

Week of Oct. 3:  Excavation work will take place on Noyes Avenue. The water shutoff originally set for Oct. 8 has been rescheduled for Oct. 15, and affected property owners have been notified. Next week's work will include pre-excavation work on Hale Avenue.

Week of Sept. 26:  Sawcutting will begin along Kelvin and Derian avenues to locate utilities in anticipation of future roadwork. Work will be done on Hale on Saturday to put new appurtenances into service. Affected property owners have been notified in advance if their water is scheduled to be shut off during Saturday's work.

Week of Sept. 19:  Relocations of water meters and other appurtenances will begin this week at isolated properties along Noyes, with water shutoffs planned for pre-notified properties on Saturday, Sept. 24.  Customers who did not receive shutoff notifications are not expected to lose service during this period. Similar work will continue on Noyes in the next couple of weeks, and affected property owners will be notified in advance if their water is scheduled to be shut off.

Week of Sept. 12:  Sawcutting and pre-excavation work will continue on Hale, and a fire line will be installed along Noyes Avenue. Testing will be done this week to identify buildings that will be affected by future water shutoffs required as construction progresses. Occupants of those buildings will be notified well in advance of any shutoffs. Pre-building materials will be brought to various locations toward the end of the week.

Week of Sept. 6:  Construction is scheduled to begin Sept. 6, with sawcutting and pre-excavation work on Noyes, Beckman and Hale avenues. Work is expected to move to Kelvin and Derian avenues the week of Sept. 19.