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April 24, 2024 2:35PM
April 24, 2024 14:35PM

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Seeing green? Thank our purple pipes!

IRWD has invested heavily in projects to create a diverse and reliable supply of water to serve our customers – and that’s never been more visible than now, when local commercial landscapes are staying green because they are irrigated with drought-proof recycled water.

Signs of this resilience are popping up throughout our service area: purple placards proudly identifying properties irrigated with recycled water, which is delivered in pipeline of the same color.

The state recently banned the use of drinking water to irrigate nonfunctional turf grass at commercial, industrial, and institutional properties throughout California. The good news is almost all public and commercial landscape in our service area is irrigated with recycled water. (The ban does not apply to lawns on residential property or turf used for human recreation.)

Because of our resilience, IRWD’s water supply is in good shape – and our communities remain green and beautiful – but we still urge everyone to use water wisely.

For water-saving tips and information about the drought, visit

Commercial customers can request a recycled water sign for their property here.